Stronger Foundations

Stronger Foundations is a flagship ACF project that aims to help grant-making charitable foundations identify and pursue excellent practice.

Through this process, ACF will support its members to be ambitious, effective and expert, so that foundation resources are allocated for social good in a way that maximises the potential benefit to the individuals, communities and societies they support.

Final reports published to date:

Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Impact and Learning

Strategy and Governance

Transparency and Engagement


Webinar recordings:

Strategy and Governance

Transparency and Engagement

Coming soon - Investment (members can register for the webinar here)

Member involvement

We believe this is the largest foundation engagement initiative globally to date. A broad range of ACF members is involved, and all members will have opportunities to contribute. ACF will engage through the six working groups, regular communications, regional events across the nations of the UK (in collaboration with existing funder networks), and member surveys on particular issues.

More than 100 foundation representatives are directly involved through one of six working groups, each of which focuses on a different thematic area (see below). The working groups' main task is to examine, discuss and debate a series of challenging questions about foundation practice related to its theme. They are comprised of senior foundation representatives drawn from across ACF's membership, including a member of ACF’s board.

Each group will meet up to 7 times over an 18 month period. Meetings will vary in format depending on the topic and desired content, but are likely to include presentation of evidence (by internal and external experts), small group discussions, whole group exercises and visits. You can find out more about each of the working groups by clicking on the thematic areas below.

The working groups' full terms of reference can be viewed here. 

Thematic areas

Central to the initiative are six thematic areas, which were identified through consultation with ACF members and others. To read about the progress of the six Stronger Foundation working groups, please click on the links below:

External engagement

Charitable foundations are an integral part of civil society, and major supporters of it. Stronger Foundations provides ACF with an opportunity to engage members and enable conversations across the foundation sector, but it is essential that the initiative enables contributions from those beyond the foundation community. ACF will ensure that external contributors are involved throughout, including critical friends, sector colleagues, funding recipients, academics and policy-makers.


ACF will publish a range of materials throughout, including articles and blogs, and engage in conversations through webinars and via social media using the hashtag #StrongerFoundations. You can find many of these on the individual Working Group pages, including a snapshot of every working group session. Below is a list of blogs on the initative's themes:

All of these activities will contribute significantly to the raw material gathered through the initiative as a whole, from which ACF will create a variety of products. These will include:

  • In 2019 and 2020, a series of reports based on the breadth of discussions and evidence gathered by each working group, which will present ACF's view on the 'pillars of stronger foundation practice' in each theme
  • In 2020, a toolkit for foundations to consider their own practice and steps they could take to become stronger across a range of domains
  • In 2020, a learning series to support foundations to implement the ideas presented in the reports

How to get involved

To speak to ACF about how your foundation can be involved in Stronger Foundations, or find out more about the progress to date of the initiative, please contact our Stronger Foundations programme manager, Sally Boylan, on 

You can join the conversation on Twitter using the hashtag #StrongerFoundations

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