The impacts of Covid - a briefing for funders

As the last few weeks have shown us, Covid-19 is still very much with us. We’ve been working since March to help foundations as they respond to the ongoing crisis.

Much of this work has been focused on the development of the Funders’ Collaborative Hub. The Hub is a digital platform and a range of activities, events and engagements, and it will help funders answer four questions:

  • What collaborations are happening already in response to Covid-19?
  • Who else is involved, or is interested in, a collaboration focused on an area of importance to us?
  • How can our funding best help?
  • Where are the emerging needs and gaps?

In addition to supporting collaboration, we’ve also produced this briefing covering some of the impacts of the pandemic on the economy and society which may be useful for funders as they think about their own strategies and plans in response to Covid. The briefing suggests some questions foundation staff can look at to help them plan their response.

These cover issues like the emerging needs arising from the economic impacts, the ways in which different groups in society are affected, and how civil society itself is responding to the loss of income and increased demand for its services.

The briefing is a snapshot of where we are in autumn 2020. Dealing with the pandemic and its aftershocks will not be over any time soon, so we’ll come back to the briefing again as things develop.

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