The EU Withdrawal Bill

Formerly known as the 'Great Repeal Bill', the EU Withdrawal Bill is currently making its passage through parliament. It is likely to remain in the headlines over the coming weeks, so ACF will be providing occasional updates for members.

The government states that this Bill aims to provide "continuity", so that at the point of exiting the EU, existing EU laws will be converted into UK law. This will mean that Parliament (or the devolved legislatures) are able to make changes to the law in future as necessary.

The Bill has reached Committee Stage in the House of Commons this week - full details of the process, a copy of the Bill and amendments that have been submitted so far can be found here.

The Office for Civil Society at DCMS produced two stakeholder briefing papers that may be of interest to members. These are a briefing on key facts and a briefing on why the Bill provides for the government to make use of 'delegated powers'. 

Other briefings on these issues are available. A coalition of civil society groups - including NCVO, SCVO, NICVA, WCVA and many others - campaigning on the Bill has briefings available on its website here. One issue this group is focussed on is the proposed use of 'delegated powers'. Another group is led by Unlock Democracy and their briefings can be found here.

If there are issues of particular concern for ACF members, please do let us know as soon as possible, and we will identify the best way to address these during the passage of the Bill.

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