Connections to non-charities: Guidance published

The Charity Commission for England and Wales has published guidance for charities that are linked to non-charitable organisations. The guidance is based on six principles that aim to ensure charities maintain their independence from their linked organisation. It will affect corporate foundations, foundations with a link to a public body, and foundations with a trading subsidiary, among others.

ACF has engaged extensively with the Commission since the consultation on the first draft opened in February 2018, including facilitating significant input from corporate foundation members to ensure that the guidance reflected their circumstances and could be implemented in practice.

Commenting on the final guidance, ACF Policy & Communications Manager Emma Hutchins said:

“We are pleased to see this guidance published, after what has been an extensive consultation and revision process with ACF and many of its members for whom this is relevant. Initially, we were particularly concerned about the framing of the debate purely in terms of risk, as well as the wide- ranging scope of the guidance, and while not entirely ameliorated, we are pleased that the Commission were open to addressing some of these issues. ACF will be testing this final guidance with members over the coming weeks and will take a keen interest in how the guidance impacts practice over the longer term”

If you have any questions or feedback about the guidance, please contact

You can find the Commission’s guidance here, and ACF’s response to the consultation here.

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