Become an Impact Champion

Inspiring Impact, the UK-wide programme that aims to change the way the voluntary sector thinks about impact, is looking for charities, funders, membership bodies and social enterprises to be Impact Champions.

Organisations can be a part of this exciting impact movement to champion the vision of Inspiring Impact to their peers, networks and members. Impact Champions play a vital role in raising awareness about the value of measuring impact for the benefit of those that charities and social enterprises across the UK support.  

Already, organisations of all shapes and sizes, sectors and geographical areas have signed up to be a part of this exciting impact movement. Some champions provide links to local organisations across the UK. Others are umbrella or membership bodies, or large charities with lots of local branches. What unites them is a commitment to improving their own impact practice, as well as other organisations they connect with.  

Organisations that volunteer to be an Impact Champion will have opportunities to share their good work as part of a UK-wide programme promoting impact measurement practices. They will also have access to a network of like-minded organisations and experts to share ideas, thinking and approaches about measuring impact.

Want to be a part of the movement?

To learn more about Impact Champions visit or contact Lynn Simmonds on

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