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September 2016

EU Referendum: what next for foundations?

In the aftermath of the vote to leave the European Union, foundations have understandably been keen to reflect on the implications, both for their work as individual funders and as contributors to a wider culture of philanthropy and grant-making. What does the vote tell us about the issues, communities and initiatives that we support? In light of the societal divisions and instabilities the vote revealed, do our processes, governance and decision-making need to be reconsidered? What, if any, measures might we take to minimise the effects on vulnerable constituencies, whether of hate-crime, rising intolerance, or deleterious economic impact? As investors and influencers how might we best position ourselves within a near future of economic and political uncertainty?

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Improving Impact Practice – where to start?

Do you want to consider, develop and improve your impact practice? – most often the answer is ‘ yes!, but how?’ … the hardest step is the first one. Measuring Up!, originally designed for voluntary sector organisations, has been a popular tool and there is evidence that this has helped improve the way in which applicants articulate their project, their intended impact and demonstrate how learning has informed their work. The latest version has been designed specifically for trusts, foundations, lotteries, commissioners and investors who fund organisations or projects in the voluntary sector. It will help you consider your impact practice through looking at, and learning from, the difference your organisation makes.

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Brexit: A view from the Wales Funders Forum

Watch any documentary about the EU referendum and you’ll see the obligatory picture from Wales. Usually someone from a town like Ebbw Vale, explaining their decision to vote ‘LEAVE’, standing outside a sparkling community building emblazoned with a starry logo denoting that it was funded by the EU. So when the Wales Funders Forum met last week after the summer break, the first topic on the agenda was the “Impact of Brexit on Wales”.

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