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February 2016

UK Community Foundations announces New Beginnings Fund to support refugees

In response to the ongoing refugee crisis a £525,000 New Beginnings Fund was launched on 12 February to support community groups in the UK welcoming and integrating refugees and asylum seekers into local communities. This new Fund, which will be administered by UK Community Foundations through its network of community foundations, has been contributed to by a number of leading charities including Paul Hamlyn Foundation, Barrow Cadbury Trust, Pears Foundation, Rayne Foundation, Lloyds Foundation and Comic Relief. ACF has played a significant role in bringing funders together and has acted as a conduit for this collaboration to come into existence.

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Become an Impact Champion

Inspiring Impact, the UK-wide programme that aims to change the way the voluntary sector thinks about impact, is looking for charities, funders, membership bodies and social enterprises to be Impact Champions. Organisations can be a part of this exciting impact movement to champion the vision of Inspiring Impact to their peers, networks and members. Impact Champions play a vital role in raising awareness about the value of measuring impact for the benefit of those that charities and social enterprises across the UK support.

4 February 2016 Read the full article

Funding Charity Regulation

Research carried out by the Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Kent on behalf of the Charity Finance Group has found strong support for a well-resourced, independent charity regulator, but could not identify a consensus as to who should pay for this regulation. The report, What regulation, who pays? Public opinion and charity regulation, presents the findings of four focus groups with a representative sample of regular and non-regular donors (including non-donors).

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Neither True Nor Fair

Following media focus on charity cost ratios prompted by the much-publicised Hornet’s Nest report, Pesh Framjee, Head of the Not for Profit unit at financial advisory firm Crowe Clark Whitehill, has published a detailed response. Neither true nor fair: A critique of the True and Fair Foundation’s Review of Charitable Spending by UK Charities in December, identifies a number of factual and methodological errors which include comparing the income of a foundation with a large trading group and not understanding charity law in relation to large endowments.

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Grants and Influencing

ACF has joined a number of other sector bodies, including the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, in writing to government concerning recent reports that ministers had discussed restricting the influencing ability of organisations in receipt of government grants. While recognising Ministers’ desire to strengthen accountability in grant making, the letter cautions against losing the positive effect that engagement can have in informing policy making.

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Foundations support of destitute migrants

Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and ACF have recently commissioned a counsel’s opinion on legal issues associated with supporting migrants with no recourse to public funds. The legal opinion, obtained from Bates Wells Braithwaite llp, Adrian Berry of Garden Court Chambers and Devonshires solicitors, clarifies that criminal law does not prevent assistance being given to undocumented people to alleviate destitution or meet basic human needs. It also specifies that individuals with no recourse to public funds who lack housing and employment and/or are destitute can be supported by charitable foundations.

2 February 2016 Read the full article

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