Anti-advocacy clause in government grant agreements

Matt Hancock, Minister for the Cabinet Office, has unveiled a new clause to be used in all government grant agreements which will ban charities and other organisations from using government grants to influence government and Parliament.  The clause will be included in all agreements (determination letters) from the new financial year, and no later than 1 May 2016. ACF has concerns that the clause will stifle charities’ engagement with government about issues affecting their beneficiaries and areas of expertise.


NCVO is leading sector-wide opposition to the new clause and ACF has been in close contact with them on this issue. ACF joined NCVO and over 150 other charities as co-signatories to an open letter to the Prime Minister. ACF will continue to inform members of any developments to this issue, highlighting the specific areas that may be of concern to foundations.
Read the letter here

Read Cabinet Office implementation guidance here

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