ACF submits evidence to select committee inquiry

ACF has submitted written evidence to the Liaison Committee’s inquiry into the effectiveness and influence of the select committee system, calling for greater engagement with foundations. In our evidence, we set out the benefits of engaging with foundations, and included examples of how foundations have effectively worked with select committees. We recommended that:

  • Select committees actively seek to engage foundations in evidence gathering.
  • Select committees draw on foundations’ wealth of experience and expertise.
  • Select committees use research produced by foundations as evidence.
  • Select committees consider foundations as a conduit to engaging with a diverse range of beneficiaries and organisations that may otherwise not be aware of or included in select committee inquiries.
  • Awareness is raised among foundations and among select committees of the value of working together, whatever shape that may take.
  • Select committees engage with ACF’s Members’ Policy Forum to bring in these vital insights and inform evidence-based policy-making.

Read our full response here.

ACF's Members' Policy Forum will be holding an event on how and why might foundations engage with select committees. Find out more here.

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