SORP: Have your say

The SORP-making body has issued an Invitation to Comment. With the current SORP only coming into effect from January 2015, it may seem early to judge whether it is an improvement on the last. Nonetheless, research for the 2019 SORP is starting early. ACF intends to make a submission based on feedback from members.

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The argument for mandatory pay-out is misguided

It is sometimes suggested that foundations should be obliged to spend a percentage of their endowment or investment income each year. But a mandatory pay-out rate makes little sense within UK context. Given the nature and variety of foundations in the UK, setting a mandatory spending rate could be detrimental to foundations' ability to achieve their charitable objectives.

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EU Referendum: what next for foundations?

In the aftermath of the vote to leave the European Union, foundations have understandably been keen to reflect on the implications, both for their work as individual funders and as contributors to a wider culture of philanthropy and grant-making. What does the vote tell us about the issues, communities and initiatives that we support? In light of the societal divisions and instabilities the vote revealed, do our processes, governance and decision-making need to be reconsidered? What, if any, measures might we take to minimise the effects on vulnerable constituencies, whether of hate-crime, rising intolerance, or deleterious economic impact? As investors and influencers how might we best position ourselves within a near future of economic and political uncertainty?

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