Professional Development

Welcome to ACF’s Professional Development Programme 2018 – a unique suite of short courses and seminars that has been carefully created for those who work within foundations and grant-making charities.

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The purpose of our programme is to support you in your professional development and to connect you with current good practice. Our seminars create a space where your questions can be answered – either through discussion with peers, with external experts, or learning from leading practitioners working in the field. We run a mixture of technical seminars e.g. what you need to know about GDPR, or assessing grant applications, as well more explorative seminars on current topics e.g. on funder collaboration, or involving grantees in decision-making.

You will find a selection of seminars for those responsible for leadership in the sector – for new chief executives and directors there is a seminar designed to introduce you to the sector and to one another; alongside two seminars specifically designed for the unique role of the foundation trustee. We are delighted to include four brand new seminars in this years’ programme in response to feedback from members, as well as what we think is important to be considered:

The how and why of involving grantees in your decision-making, Exploring core funding, What it means to be a corporate foundation trustee, and Digital solutions to social challenges.

ACF seminars offer a unique insight not available elsewhere and our intention is to create a safe space for you to learn with fellow grantmakers, enabling you to develop your own ideas and professional practice.


All seminars that run over the lunch period (12–2pm) will include a light buffet lunch.


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