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What it means to be a foundation trustee

An exploration of the role


  • Rosie Chapman, independent consultant; Carol Mack, Chief Executive, ACF

This seminar has been designed to provide a tailored overview of trustee roles and responsibilities within the context of trusts and foundations, and it will include a discussion of current compliance and governance issues affecting them.

The seminar will:

  • explore the similarities and differences between the governance of trusts and foundations, and that of the wider charity sector
  • discuss trustee roles and responsibilities, with particular emphasis on what this means for trust and foundation trustees
  • consider the attributes of a successful foundation board
  • explore the regulatory framework for charities within which UK based foundations operate, including reference to OSCR (Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator) and CCNI (Charity Commission for Northern Ireland)
  • discuss current compliance and governance issues of relevance to foundation boards.

Will interest: Trustees of trusts and foundations who are interested in finding out more about the role.

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