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The how and why of involving grantees in decision-making


  • Emma Tregear, Grants Manager, Lloyds Bank Foundation England and Wales
  • Alison Goddard, a grant panel advisor (Chief Executive of Lincolnshire Action Trust)
  • Catriona Kelly, Senior Programme and Funding Officer, Life Changes Trust
  • Joe Doran and Jess Cordingly, Lankelly Chase Foundation

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We often ask grantees how their service users influence decisions, but how good are we at doing this ourselves? In this seminar, we will provide an overview of current foundation practice and share the steps that some funders have taken to actively involve grantees – including involving them in setting strategy, advising on and shaping programmes, and specifically in grant decision-making. We will hear a grantee perspective about what it means to be a grant panel advisor, and there will be an  interactive session exploring the barriers to foundations adopting this approach. Throughout the session we will:

  • explore the different approaches, benefits and challenges of involving grantees in decision making processes
  • hear perspectives from both a funder and a grantee
  • enable participants to look at developing this aspect of their grant making practice

Will interest:

Trusts and foundations who are thinking about bringing in grantees to the decision making process.

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