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Funding plus – an analysis of current practice and learning


  • Eliza Buckley, Senior Research Officer, IVAR and two UK foundations who deliver funding plus.

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Trusts and foundations are often involved in activities with beneficiaries that go far beyond grant-making – sometimes known as ‘funding plus’ or ‘grants plus’. This seminar is a unique opportunity to hear from a panel of experienced practitioners about their experience of funding plus – the good, the bad and the ugly – from the perspective of both practitioners and researchers.

Using the panel’s experiences and learning as a spring board, you will have the opportunity for an in-depth analysis of your own practices and ideas, and a chance to share this with colleagues. This exciting opportunity for facilitated peer exchange will enable you to challenge one another in a safe environment and to explore where you could go forward with some new thinking on funding plus. We will also be looking at funding plus in the current economic climate, especially when working with smaller organisations and thinking about how best to support them.

It is our intention that you will leave with a deeper understanding of the current thinking on some foundations’ activities beyond grant-making and reflections of your own approach to funding plus.

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Foundation practitioners who are engaged in or interested in learning more about the ‘funding plus’ or ‘grants plus’ approach.

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