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Funder collaboration

the potholes, potentials and possibilities


  • Duncan Shrubsole, Director of Policy, Partnerships and Communications at Lloyds Bank Foundation England and Wales
  • Helen Kersley, Programme Director at Cripplegate Foundation
  • Julia Kaufman, Independent consultant (former Director of BBC Children in Need
  • Cristina Andreatta, ACF (chair)

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Do you want to find out when collaboration could be a fruitful road to explore? And when it would be best to go it alone? Collaboration can be time consuming, costly and difficult to administer and monitor. Yet evidence suggests that when the circumstances are right and the partners are suitably matched, working in collaboration can make funders more effective and able to tackle complex issues (e.g. Davidson Knight et Al, 2017; DP Evaluation, 2012; Kaufman, 2011; Kippin et Al., 2015).

The aim of this seminar is to deepen participants understanding of what collaboration can mean for funders, the different forms it can take and what impact it can have.

At this seminar, delegates will:

  • explore why collaboration is important for well-functioning funding ecology and what are the preconditions for it to happen and succeed;
  • explore the different types of collaboration, their benefits and implications;
  • look at what different kinds of collaboration can be suitable for and when it is better to go it alone;
  • have an opportunity to hear from peers when collaboration has worked and when it hasn’t worked for them
  • do practical exercises to road test collaboration within their own scenarios

We will look closely at case studies of UK funders’ collaboratives and draw out some of the lessons about when, how and why collaboration can be an appropriate option for foundations.


Duncan Shrubsole will report on the learning from a number of collaboratives that the Lloyds Bank Foundation has been part of, sharing with us when it has worked, when and why it hasn’t worked as hoped for.

Helen Kersley will talk about the learning from Islington Giving, a place-based initiative that brings together funders, businesses, residents and voluntary organisations to jointly tackle poverty and inequality in the London borough of Islington

Julia Kaufman will report on the learnings from the Corston Independent Funders’ Coalition, which saw the collaboration of 22 foundations who were committed to advocating for a better treatment of women in the criminal justice system.

Will interest

Foundation staff or trustees who are interested in the topic of collaboration and who would value an opportunity to work out what it could mean for them.

Useful reading

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