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This new two-day programme (with introductory seminar and dinner the evening before) will empower trustees and senior foundation executives to realise the full potential of their investment assets to achieve their charitable and financial objectives. The curriculum has been developed with extensive feedback from ACF members. The speakers include expert investment professionals from ACF’s Official Partners and leading foundation practitioners. 

The seminars will equip participants to deal confidently with the strategic issues involved in the governance and management of foundation endowments.

Participants can tailor their learning by booking to attend all or part of the curriculum. Full details of each session are below; please choose your preferred combination on the booking page (linked below).

The seminars are for trustees and senior staff at endowed foundations; both for the relatively inexperienced and those well versed in investment matters.

It is not open to participants who are employed in the investment consultancy and investment management industry.

A friendly and focused environment, with opportunities to compare perspectives with foundation peers in a relatively informal setting, supported by industry experts and leading foundation practitioners. The seminars will operate on the premise that there is no such thing as a stupid question and follow the Chatham House rule to enable free discussion.

Please find a copy of the brochure here.

Tuesday 27 November
Investment seminars for endowed foundations – introductory seminar and dinner

Seminar 6-7pm, followed by dinner
Venue: CCLA, Senator House, 85 Queen Victoria Street, London EC4V 4ET

A lightning induction for trustees and foundation directors who are new to the investment world, this seminar, followed by a working dinner, serves as a stand-alone introduction to the jargon and principles involved in investment management for foundations.

The event is also designed as a pre-course seminar for those attending the investment seminars on 28 and/or 29 November. It will prepare participants new to the subject to get the most out of what follows.

An expert investment manager will give an overview of the key terms used in endowment management, followed by guided conversation in small groups over an informal dinner, with a foundation speaker.

Speakers: James Bevan, Chief Investment Officer, CCLA; Aidan Kearney, Chief Investment Officer, Health Foundation

Wednesday 28 November
Investment seminars for endowed foundations
Day #01: The prior questions – financial policy

Venue: Cazenove Capital, 1 London Wall Place, London, EC2Y 5AU

This day-long seminar covers the key strategic issues that foundation trustees and senior staff need to consider before approaching the investment markets.

The progamme includes:

The legal and charitable context – trustees’ legal, fiduciary and moral responsibilities within the law, regulatory guidance, and their own charitable trusts and legal powers
Deciding what to spend – developing a framework within which to address this key question at the heart of charitable investing
The role of mission, values and reputation in driving investment strategy
Getting your governance and advice arrangements right – developing the means to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a foundation’s governance in respect of endowment management

Speakers are from ACF, Cazenove Charities, foundations and Mercer

Thursday 29 November
Investment seminars for endowed foundations
Day #02: Investment policy and execution

Venue: Ruffer, 80 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL

This day-long seminar equips trustees to put their endowment strategy into practice. It covers the development and implementation of investment policy, and the relationship between foundations and their investment managers.

The programme includes:

  • Connecting your financial policy; including spending decisions, to your investment policy
  • Different investment approaches, including active/passive and balanced/pooled funds
  • How risk, return and diversification are managed in the context of asset allocation and strategy
  • How to go about setting your mandate and choosing investment managers, including the principles of judging costs, performance and returns

Speakers from ACF, CCLA, foundations, Mercer and Ruffer.

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