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Digital solutions to social challenges


  • Billy Dann, Grants Digital Innovation Manager, Comic Relief
  • Cassie Robinson, Strategic Design Director, doteveryone
  • William Perrin, Trustee, Indigo Trust
  • Faiza Kahn, Director, Policy and Communications, Paul Hamlyn Foundation


  • Esther Thompson, ACF

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Some of us can find the world of technology baffling, but increasingly technology can be used as a way to help address social challenges.

This seminar will be a chance to explore questions that foundations may be thinking about including:

  • how digitally literate do I need to be before I can consider technology as a solution to a social challenge?
  • when is digital technology an appropriate solution and when is it not?
  • how do I know a digital solution to a social issue is value for money, or is it tech for tech sake and will it really improve the impact I want to make?
  • what foundations can do to encourage and support grantees to think about using technology as a response to a social challenge.

In addition we will have a chance to think about some good design and development principles that equip you to know what to do when an application lands on your desk that is a technological or digital solution to a social issue. We will hear from the Learning Partner of the Tech for Good programme launched by Comic Relief and Paul Hamlyn Foundation, and gather top tips from foundations that have gone down this road.

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