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Challenges and opportunities of foundation leadership

A seminar for new foundation executives


  • Carol Mack, ACF

The role of a foundation director or CEO is unlike any other in the charitable sector. This seminar offers an opportunity to reflect upon it with others facing the same issues. Intended only for a small group, this seminar will enable new leaders to share experiences and insights on the distinct new role and unique potential of foundations. 

Adapted to the needs of participants, the conversation will cover the shape of the foundation sector, the unique attributes of foundations and the implications for the role of a foundation CEO in supporting trustees to take forward teh foundation's mission. 

Drawing on recent thinking and research on foundation effeectiveness, CEO's will have the opportunity to reflect with peers upon some of the common dilemmas of foundation management, their foundation's philosophy of grant-mkaing and to review the resources available to help achieve their foundation's charitable objective.

Will interest:

For new foundation directors or CEO's, who would like to meet others in the same unique position with the opportunity to share insights on the role of foundations. 

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