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Beyond the balance sheet: how foundations can identify effective applicants and spot warning signs


  • Sayer Vincent, independent consultant

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To assess likely success in the long-term, it is vital to look beyond individual funded projects to the organisation as a whole and how it is run. Financial difficulties are sometimes symptomatic of an organisation’s culture. The way that an organisation approaches planning, manages staff, monitors performance, and exercises good governance, all contribute to how well it performs financially or not and the charitable impact it has.

The aim of this practical seminar is to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of the overall ‘control environment’ and what might be the warning signs to look out for when assessing organisations for the first time and during routine monitoring. There will be an opportunity to work through case studies and practical examples, and to build up a practical checklist that can be used when making assessments.

This seminar is focussed on good financial management rather than the interpretation of accounts.

Will interest

Those involved in assessing the financial performance of grant applicants, who have either attended the Reading applicants’ accounts course or are confident in reading a set of accounts.

Sayer Vincent is an award-winning firm of chartered accountants with a clear focus on charities and social enterprises.

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