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Assessing grant applications

Exploring key principles which underpin good practice


  • Emma Beeston, independent consultant

Please note this event is now full. Please note we are running it again on 10 December. Please find the link to this event listing here. 

How grant applications are assessed can depend enormously on the size of the foundation, as well as on the mission and operational models adopted. There is no magic formula, but there are some key principles which underpin good practice, focusing on two important questions:

How do we ensure the assessment process is fair and balanced?

What information do you need to make a considered judgement?

This course will:

  • provide an overveiw of the core principles of good practice in assessing grant applications
  • explore the challenges and dilemmas of different assessing approaches
  • enable you to share information, ideas, challenges and possible solutions when assessing grant applications
  • draw on the experiences both of the facilitator and participants, with a mixture of presentation and small group-based discussions and exercises

Will interest:

This course is for those who assess grant applications and want to explore the underlying principles, the challenges involved and to learn from different approaches

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