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Grant-making and the law

A charity law expert will give a broad overview of the law as it affects grant-making, covering topics including: • is a grant a gift, trust or contract? The difference and the pitfalls • standards of care in grantmaking – what does the law require? • standard terms that all funders should know.

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Grants and social impact investing

How you can help grantees navigate today's funding opportunities. A thought-provoking session looking at how social impact investing differs from traditional grant-making, how the two compliment each other and what new models of working might develop in the future.

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Your digital capacity

Do you want to improve how you use technology when reaching our to grantees and other stakeholders? Would you like to improve your foundation's messaging? Are you unsure how twitter works or whether it is indeed for you? Or are you wanting to think about writing a digital strategy and are not sure where to start?

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Safeguarding and due diligence

Conducting robust due diligence assessments of applicants is a central part of the work of foundations, and safeguarding is a core part of this process. Over the past year many foundations have been exploring their role and responsibilities in this area.

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Welfare reform

With welfare reform continuing to have an impact on people's lives, this half-day seminar reports on important developments affecting social security changes.

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Reading applicants’ accounts

This essential and popular one day introductory course gives grant-makers an understanding of applicants' statutory accounts and the legal and accounting framework of which they are a part.

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Assessing grant applications

How grant applications are assessed can depend enormously on the size of the foundation, as well as on the mission and operational models adopted. There is no magic formula, but there are some key principles which underpin good practice.

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Selecting a new grant management system

There are many suppliers and software packages available to the charitable sector, designed for managing relationships with supporters, grantees/partners, members and others, but how do you choose the system that best supports the specific needs of your foundation?

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