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Please note - all ACF learning, events and networks will take place online until at least summer 2021. This will be reviewed in April and we will keep you updated with any changes to our delivery method. 

Beyond the balance sheet

The aim of this practical seminar is to provide participants with an understanding of the importance of the overall ‘control environment’ and what might be the warning signs to look out for when assessing organisations for the first time and during routine monitoring.

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SIIG: Impact-linked Finance

Exploring the innovative concept of impact-linked finance - with insights from an upcoming report from Investing for Good on the global landscape and UK market, and discussion of a real-world example from Social Capital Partners in Canada.

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SIIG: How charities innovate

Introducing the first ‘How we innovate’ session from the Innovation Scrum. An opportunity to hear from innovation experts from outside of the social investment arena.

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