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Finance in grant-making network

This meeting will outline the GDPR areas that will specifically impact grantmakers, and how you can take steps to ensure you are ready once the regulations are implemented.

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Older people network

Since The Campaign to End Loneliness was launched in 2011, it has become a large national force raising the issue of loneliness in older people.The Campaign comprises a network of national and regional organisations, as well as individual people working together to do more to tackle loneliness in older age through community action, good practice, research and policy.

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Mental health network

Up to one in five women and one in ten men are affected by mental health problems during pregnancy and the first year after birth. Unfortunately, only 50% of these are diagnosed.

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International funders network

In this session Rhodri Davies will explore the opportunities and risks of disruptive technology (e.g. blockchain) and how funders can play a key role in addressing them. This will be an interactive session with time for questions, followed by open discussion to share our experiences.

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Reading applicants’ accounts

This essential and popular course gives grant-makers an understanding of applicants’ statutory accounts and the legal and accounting framework of which they are a part.

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Northern Ireland network

This network meeting will be a chance to look on the bright side as it examines the possibilities and changes which may arise out of the current political climate

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Monitoring and evaluation network

Researchers, impact assessors and evaluators have unprecedented access to sometimes confidential, occasionally controversial and often deeply individual accounts of change. Couple this with supporter and donor data, and trusts and foundations are in possession of an extremely valuable bank of personal information.

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