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Reading applicants’ accounts

This essential and popular one day introductory course gives grant-makers an understanding of applicants' statutory accounts and the legal and accounting framework of which they are a part.

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SIIG Market Information Day

SIIG Market Information Days are run to educate attendees about the social impact investment landscape and opportunities from social ventures.

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Northern Ireland Conference 2019

Applying excellence in Northern Ireland: The conference will provide an opportunity for funders to learn about the current funding and, socio-economic and political environment in Northern Ireland; consider challenges relating to funding in Northern Ireland, and to share experience, and best practices.

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Grant-making and the law

A charity law expert will give a broad overview of the law as it affects grant-making, covering topics including: • is a grant a gift, trust or contract? The difference and the pitfalls • standards of care in grantmaking – what does the law require? • standard terms that all funders should know.

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SIIG in Manchester

A roundtable for foundations interested in or already undertaking social impact investing. Learn more about social impact investing, share your organisation's approach and discuss challenges.

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Grants and social impact investing

How you can help grantees navigate today's funding opportunities. A thought-provoking session looking at how social impact investing differs from traditional grant-making, how the two complement each other and what new models of working might develop in the future.

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