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What it means to be a foundation trustee

This seminar has been designed to provide a tailored overview of trustee roles and responsibilities within the context of trusts and foundations, and it will include a discussion of current compliance and governance issue affecting them.

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What it means to be a corporate foundation trustee

Being a trustee of a corporate foundation is a unique role. By the end of the seminar we hope to have provided participants with a broad understanding of some of the issues connected to being a corporate foundation trustee, allowing you to govern with increasing confidence and awareness of the role you hold.

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Exploring core funding

Core funding is essential for organisations to survive and thrive – often covering their leadership, financial management and accommodation costs. It can provide organisations with greater stability, as well as increased scope for growth and innovation.

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Funding plus

Trusts and foundations are often involved in activities with beneficiaries that go far beyond grant-making - sometimes known as 'funding plus' or 'grants plus'.

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Beyond the balance sheet

To access likely success in the long term, it is vital to look beyond individual funded projects to the organisation as a whole and how it is run.Financial difficulties are sometimes symptomatic of an organisation’s culture.

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