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Investment seminars (online)

This unique digital programme will empower attendees to realise the full potential of their investment assets to achieve their charitable and financial objectives. Please note these seminars are being run across five days.

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Assessing grant applications

How grant applications are assessed can depend enormously on the size of the foundation, as well as on the mission and operational models adopted. There is no magic formula, but there are some key principles which underpin good practice. This course is for those who assess grant applications and want to explore the underlying principles, the challenges involved and to learn from different approaches

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Reading applicants’ accounts

This essential and popular one day introductory course gives grant-makers an understanding of applicants' statutory accounts and the legal and accounting framework of which they are a part.

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Safeguarding and due diligence

Conducting robust due diligence assessments of applicants is a central part of the work of foundations, and safeguarding is a core part of this process. Over the past year many foundations have been exploring their role and responsibilities in this area and asking how they might pursue best practice. Using ACF’s Safeguarding for foundations framework, this session will help you think through your approach to safeguarding.

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ACF Virtual Annual Conference 2020

We’re really pleased to confirm that ACF’s virtual annual conference will take place this year on Wednesday 25 November and Thursday 26 November. The conference will be delivered as a virtual conference, enabling wide engagement from ACF members and wider civil society.

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Selecting a new grant management system

There are many suppliers and software packages available to the charitable sector, designed for managing relationships with supporters, grantees/partners, members and others, but how do you choose the system that best supports the specific needs of your foundation?

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