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Local Trust was established in 2012 to deliver Big Local, the largest place-based investment programme currently distributing funds in England.

Funded by the biggest ever single Big Lottery Fund endowment, Big Local is a unique initiative that puts residents in 150 areas across the country in control of decisions about their own neighbourhoods. With £1m of long-term funding over 10-15 years committed to each area, and a programme of training and support, it offers residents of Big Local areas the opportunity to work together to transform their communities.

Purpose of the role

To serve on the Local Trust board of trustees, working with the other trustees to provide leadership and to oversee the management of Local Trust, and in particular the Big Local programme, in line with its charitable objectives and as required by law.

Expectations and commitment

We would expect trustees to commit at least one day a month to their duties, to include attendance and preparation for Board and Committee meetings, Local Trust-promoted events and, where possible, direct engagement with and visits to Big Local areas.

In fulfilling their roles, we would expect trustees to demonstrate:

  • a commitment to the vision of Local Trust and the Big Local programme
  • belief in the potential to transform communities through the radical devolution of decision making, power and resources to a local level.
  • profound optimism in the potential of local people to do amazing things to transform their communities, given the time and support they need to succeed
  • a firm commitment to equal opportunities for all, regardless of age, disability, gender, marital status, race or colour/ethnic origin, faith or sexuality

Key duties

Trustees will be expected to deliver some or all of the following responsibilities:

  • Work with trustees and the chief executive to determine the overall direction and development of Local Trust through good governance, clear strategic planning and clear performance management, in line with Local Trust’s charitable objectives.
  • Oversee the effective delivery of the Big Local programme and the effective management of its endowment through Local Trust’s role as sole corporate trustee of the Big Local Trust
  • Ensure that Local Trust’s decision-making is guided by a strong commitment to radically redistribute power, influence and decision-making to local communities wherever possible.
  • Champion the development of local people, building the skills, confidence and organisations needed at a community level to take on the new challenges that come with our approach to funding Big Local areas.
  • Ensure Local Trust embraces positive risk-taking, innovation and learning as a critical part of the way it does business. Big Local is a radical experiment in new ways of delivering change at a local level, and Local Trust’s Board seeks to reflect that in its approach to the role.
  • Promote Local Trust and in particular the Big Local programme to potential partners, policy makers, grant givers and opinion formers with the aim of maximising opportunities for shared learning, influencing and wider collaboration.
  • Ensure Local Trust is outward looking and partnership focused, prioritising the building of partnerships and value-adding collaboration in everything it does.
  • Engage with Big Local on the ground, taking time to engage with and learn from the areas we support through our work.
  • Ensure that robust financial and business planning systems, including risk management procedures, are in place to ensure that our work is supported by effective internal financial control and the proper management of funds and assets.
  • Ensure prompt and accurate reporting to the Big Lottery Fund, Companies House and the Charity Commission.
  • Uphold and work within Local Trust’s values and the trustees’ code of conduct.

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