Charity Accounts Consultant

Local Trust

Location Remotely

Position Part time 4 hours per month

Salary Competitive

Application deadline 19 March 2020
The application deadline for this role has passed

We are seeking a qualified accountant with experience working in the charity sector, ideally a community accountant, to remotely support Local Trust’s daily due diligence and risk mitigation processes. The role would be demand-led and we anticipate needing support of at least four hours per month on average, with busier periods in February and March, October and November.

The role would mainly offer a first point of contact for advice and support on challenging or complex issues to the three-person funding team as they conduct due diligence on prospective and current grantees. The make-up of our Grantees (LTOs) is varied, with a large number of small to medium-sized charities, alongside schools, local authorities, housing associations and a small number of private companies among others. For example we may ask for your input on housing association accounts for which pension deficit and rent arrears are a factor, or very small charities which have their accounts independently verified but may not have sufficient processes in place.

In this role you would apply and share your financial expertise – by phone, email or written report – to help the funding team draw clear pictures of an organisation’s financial health from key finance documents (most commonly annual accounts). This would combine our own due diligence framework and your knowledge and experience.

In an average assignment we would anticipate sending you an organisation’s most recent published accounts plus any supporting documents, and asking either a specific question, or for your overall written assessment on the organisation’s solvency and sustainability. We may also come to you for advice on aspects of financial procedures, such as good practice, or our own due diligence processes.

In the future there may be limited scope for assignments to involve direct contact with grantees, such as via joint calls, direct calls, or light audit-style visits to review their accounts and practices, and the sharing of recommendations with us and grantees.

We envisage appointing successful organisations / individuals for a period of two years initially with a review after one year, at which point we may discuss variations to the agreement.

To apply

Please send your CV to along with a short cover letter detailing your rates and how you fit the specifications of the role. The deadline for applications is 13 March 2020 with any follow up and appointment concluded by the end of that month.


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