Members' Policy Forum: Journalism for public benefit

This session will explore how funding journalism can help advance funders’ charitable missions.


Putting public benefit at the heart of new forms of media can work to advance funders’ different charitable missions. Indeed, at the start of 2021 the Charity Commission for England and Wales published a statement recognising that charities can use journalism as a tool to further their charitable purposes. This landmark decision resulted in Public Interest News Foundation (PINF) registering as a charity and joining ACF membership.

Jonathan Heawood, Executive Director at Public Interest News Foundation, recently wrote a blog for ACF on the topic, in which he explained:

“Journalism is in crisis, not just in the UK but around the world. Old business models have been torn apart by the digital revolution. The vast majority of advertising revenue now flows to tech giants like Facebook and Google, and audiences are exposed to lies and propaganda. This is having a devastating impact on citizenship, human rights, climate justice and many other issues that are close to funders’ hearts.

At the Public Interest News Foundation (PINF), we believe that the crisis affecting journalism is also an opportunity to do things differently. That’s why we are supporting the emerging sector of high-quality, independent news organisations that put the public benefit before politics or profit.”

Join ACF’s Members Policy Forum to hear from PINF, as well as funders who have worked with PINF, about funding journalism and how it can help advance funders’ charitable missions.

This event will be held online. A Zoom link will be sent 48 hours before. 

Time: 2.00pm - 3.30pm 

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Please note that this event might contain discussions of sensitive topics or information.