New ways of assessing

The context of grant making has changed. What does this mean for grant assessors?


Emma Beeston, Independent Consultant

As a philanthropy advisor, Emma's role is to guide you through all the options, so that you can allocate your resources wisely.

Emma acts as a bridge, a translator, a navigator, a connector. She will introduce you to the philanthropic sector, its challenges, latest trends and good practice.

Emma brings her expertise in philanthropy and grant making to help you develop and implement a strategy that brings the most impact and reward.

Processes have been streamlined; funders are building trust-based relationships with partners; unrestricted funding is now available.


In this reflective session we will think about the assessor’s role and how this is changing.

This is not a ‘how to’ training session. It is a chance to share experiences and think about assessing grants in this new world.

Non-members are welcome to attend this event if they meet the criteria for ACF membership


If you would like to discuss access requirements, please contact [email protected] 

Please note that this event might contain discussions of sensitive topics or information.