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Trusts and Foundations in the UK

Independent charitable trusts and foundations in the UK act in a variety of ways to support the voluntary and community sector.  Grant-making is the predominant activity for most foundations although some are exploring other ways of addressing the economic, social and enviornmental challenges of the 21st century.  The majority of foundations in the UK do not engage in any operational activities, i.e. the provision of services or other direct support to beneficiaries.

Grant-making trusts have a greater degree of independence than almost any other sector or funder. They are extremely diverse – not only in the scale and number of grants made and the type of trust - but in their age, their style of grant-making and in the areas they support.

Grant-making by UK Trusts and Charities - a briefing

This briefing - produced in conjuction with CAF (Charities Aid Foundation) - provides a range of statistics about non-governmental grant-makers in the UK and the nature and extent of their grant-making. Information is provided on:

  • top-level financial trends
  • funding preferences
  • community foundations
  • top 10 charitable grant-makers
  • staffing and resources
  • grant application approvals

Download a copy of our briefing on Grant-making by UK Trusts and Charities:

Grant-making_by_UK_trusts_and_charities (pdf; 145kb) PDF Icon 

Working for a Grant-making Trust or Foundation:

Working for a grant-making trust or foundation can be one of the most worthwhile jobs in the voluntary and community sector. Consequently we regularly receive enquiries on this subject and to help enquirers we have compiled this information sheet.

Download our leaflet on Careers in Grant-making Trusts and Foundations from our publications listing.