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Stalking and Harassment


  • Victoria Charleston, Suzy Lamplugh Trust (National Stalking Helpline)
  • TBC, Fylde Coast Women's Aid
  • Mary Cosker, HomeTruths
  • Sarah Bargh, Fylde Coast Women’s Aid


  • Gill Aconley, Allen Lane Foundation
  • Annabel Durling, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation

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Harassment and stalking are crimes of persistence. It is the unrelenting repeat behaviour by the perpetrator experienced in its totality, which seems inescapable and inevitable. In 2016/17, HMIC and HMCPSI carried out the first inspection into police responses to harassment and stalking crimes, assessing the effectiveness of how cases were dealt with and understanding the experiences of victims. It found that the police and the CPS frequently struggled to separate harassment and stalking, with stalking misunderstood and as a result, often going unrecognised. The police also sometimes mis-recorded stalking offences, or worse, did not record them at all.

In this meeting, speakers from organisations working to tackle stalking in the UK will respond to the report’s findings, discuss their work and highlight key issues for funding in this area.

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