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Grenfell Tower: implications for housing

Housing & homelessness network


  • Dessie Donnelly, Director - Development, Participation and the Practice of Rights (PPR)
  • Melanie Rees, Head of Policy, Chartered Institute of Housing
  • Kate Webb, Head of Policy, Shelter


  • David Ireland, Building and Social Housing Foundation
  • Caroline Fraser, LandAid Charitable Trust


  • Cristina Andreatta, Senior Network Engagement Manager, ACF 

Event details:

In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire, some have argued that this incident could have been avoided and that, at the very least, it has exposed some of the inadequacies of the current social housing system. This meeting will feature housing experts talking about the policy implications of what has happened and providing some guidance on what next steps should be taken to mitigate against the risk of another incident like this one to take place. There will also be an opportunity for foundations operating in the housing space to reflect on the role they can realistically play both in the short and long-term to promote meaningful changes in this area, by making the best use of their limited but independent resources.

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