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ACF Conference 2017

ACF’s annual conference is now fully booked, please contact to be added to a waiting list.

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Finance in grant-making special interest group

The next Finance in Grantmaking meeting, a joint venture between Charity Finance Group and Association of Charitable Foundations will be held on Wednesday 15th November 11:45am-14:30pm at Rathbone Investment Management.

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Funding plus

This event is now fully booked, please contact to be added to a waiting list.

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School Funders’ network

There is growing evidence that children’s social and emotional skills are associated with success at school, as well as positive outcomes in adulthood, such as stable employment, physical and mental health, and well-being. In this session, Neil Humphrey, Professor of the Psychology of Education at the University of Manchester, will take us through what we can measure (and what we should measure) in assessing the impact of projects aiming to develop young people's essential skills.

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Stronger Foundations Project

On the 1 December we will bring foundation and sector leaders together to start the co-development of this vital project that will draw on a range of external experience and evidence. The Stronger Foundations Project will identify and codify leading practice for foundations, hopefully leading to enhanced effectiveness of individual foundations and a greater responsiveness to the concerns of beneficiaries.

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Introduction to issues in grant-making

New to grant-making? This course will give you a fuller understanding of how your role relates to the work of your foundation, and how that compares to others in the grantmaking world.

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Reading applicants’ accounts

This essential and popular course gives grant-makers an understanding of applicants’ statutory accounts and the legal and accounting framework of which they are a part.

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